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Mello Yello Rules & Regulations

Mello Yello will play using the Florida State High School Association Rules with the exception of the following:
Each Player is allowed four fouls per game.  As soon as the player gets their fourth foul, they are out of that game unless they are the third or fourth player on the team in which case the captain may elect to keep them in the game.  If the team captain elects to keep the player in the game, the team with the player that just received their fourth foul will be assessed a technical foul (the other team will shoot two free throws and receive the ball on the next possession).  This option will repeat every time the same player fouls in the same game.  Only the player receiving the foul may stay in the game.
 • If a team has less than 4 players they can now pickup the lower rank of the missing players. Example: If you are missing your 1 and 2 you can pickup a 2, if you are missing your 2 & 3 you can pick up a 3, and so on. If you are missing 3 players, one of the players you get has to be a 5. Example: Missing 1,2 & 4 you pickup a 2 & a 5.

During the playoffs, only * players on non-playoff teams may be picked up and each week the first available * player is the last person taken in the draft.

  1. If a player gets hurt during a game, an asterisk player may not take their place during that game but may be used in the second or third game if needed.
  2. If a team loses a player before the end of the fifth week of games and that player agrees that they are out for the season (including playoffs), the commissioner will attempt to replace that player with an “equal or lesser” player.  No replacement players will be allowed after the fifth week.
  3. The captain of the team has the final say in all decisions regarding who plays and who doesn’t.  If the captain asks a player to leave the court, that player must leave the court or play stops and the JCC is asked to assist. 
  4. No player may berate another player, referee, or scorekeeper.  If a player is caught berating another player, referee, or scorekeeper, that player will be assessed a technical foul and if the player continues, will be asked to leave the courts.  If the infraction happens after the end of the players game, a technical foul will be called on that player and will be assessed at that teams next game.  If in the opinion of the referee or commissioner the infraction warrants, the player will be suspended for one or more games. 
  5. Only the team captain may approach the scorers table to question an issue (score, fouls, timeouts, etc.) and that captain must request a referee go with him to the scorers table.  If a player other than the team captain (or if the team captain goes without the referee) approaches the scorers table in an aggressive manner, a technical will be called on that player.  This rule does not pertain to a player calmly asking for information from the scorer from the court.
  6. The defensive team after getting a rebound must take the ball behind the free throw line “extended”.  The term ball actually means that the player must have two feet totally behind the line when they touch the ball.  The free throw line is the equivalent of half-court so once a team take the ball past half-court, the basket is that teams.  If a team makes a basket without taking it back, the basket does not count and the other team gets the ball.
  7. All players must wear the same color shirt.  The only exception will be if an asterisk player is used (his shirt must be different from opponent).  In the event a player does not have the same color shirt, a technical foul will be immediately assessed as soon as the player enters the game.
  8. Each player must play a minimum of 10 points (total points between the two teams) per game.  If a player does not play a minimum of 10 points (and wishes too), the team will forfeit that game.  This is not an automatic forfeit; the player that did not get an opportunity to play 10 points must notify the referee or scorekeeper.
  9. TEAM CAPTAINS and First Round Pick must sit for 5 (any combination) points each game if both teams have more than 4 players.  If the team captain and first round pick does not sit for at least five points, a technical foul is called on that team once the infraction is identified.  If the team wins the game without the captain and first round pick sitting for 5 points (as long as the team started with more than 4 players), the game does not end and the team loses five points and play resumes with the captain or first round pick sitting until they have met their  five point requirement.
  10. Any player assessed two technical fouls will automatically be removed from the game & series.  If a player is assessed a flagrant foul, it is up to the referee to determine if automatic ejection is warranted.  If a player receives two flagrant fouls, that player will serve a minimum of 1 series suspension (the next scheduled week).  The JCC has a zero tolerance policy on fighting, cursing, etc.
  11. After a teams 6th foul, the other team will begin to shoot 1 and 1.  After ten fouls it goes to two foul shots.
  12. All series are best 2 of 3.  Each game is the first team to get to 25 by a margin of two or first team to 30.
  13. NO GAMES are to be rescheduled with the exception of the final game of the playoffs.  The final game of the playoffs can be rescheduled with the agreement of BOTH captains.  If both captains do not agree on a game time (within one week of the originally scheduled final game) the game will be played at the originally scheduled time.
  14. Two technical fouls in a series and you are out of the series.  If you get thrown out of two series in the same season, one week (the next week) suspension (regular season or playoffs).  If you are thrown out of another series, another week suspension.
  15. No player shall place another player in harms way by diving for the basketball with the probability of hurting another player.  It will be up to the referee to identify if the infraction warrants a technical foul, suspension from the game and suspension from the league.  The league commisioiner/coordinator/or other JCC representative may assist with the handing out of any penalties against such players.
  16. Any player that misses 3 or more games in a season will be put on probation for two seasons.  If that player misses 3 or more games in any of the following two seasons, that player will be suspended for one league.  If a player is hurt and notifies the commissioner that they are out and wants to be replaced, this rule will not apply for that season.  If the player repeatedly misses games in multiple seasons, the team captains may vote to suspended this player.
  17. Any physical treats will be a technical and possible suspension or expulsion from the league.
  18. There is no place for profanity in the game.  Referees will be told to warn (if appropriate) for the first violation and then hand out technicals.  The warning (if appropriate) will be given to both teams regardless of who said anything.
  19. No taunting allowed.  Like in the NFL, anyone taunting will be penalized (technical foul).